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Now, avail a simple, effective, and highly affordable ad service.

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Just @ 399/month

We want to act as catalysts for businesses that have already started (or are about to start) and provide them with the lowest-cost digital advertisement service. Our service helps you break through the entry-level barriers and get introduced to the market as early as possible. Local products and businesses are our priority.

Budget Friendly

Unlock the power of local advertising with our budget-friendly package at just Rs. 399 per month or Rs. 39 per day.

Content Strategy

We understand your business, receive your feedback, and create the right ad that captures your customer’s attention.


We design an informative video covering important information you would like to tell your customers.

Customer Focused

We know where your customers are located and inform them about your product/business through strategically placed digital screens.

Good Screen Time

We will provide you with ample screen time (a 40-second ad, at least 20 times a day) so that people have sufficient time to absorb the content.

WhatsApp Communication

We prefer using WhatsApp for receiving your ad requests or any service-related inquiries. Simply message us on WhatsApp, and we’ll promptly address your requests.

Let’s Turn Ideas Into Results

In this new world of entrepreneurship, whether you’re running a cake shop, a medical practice, a tailor for clothing, or a web design business, you no longer need to own a big shop in a prime location. A great product only requires a proper introduction to the market. We share your story with the market and help them connect with you!

This is how our Ads look like


Smart Strategy, Strong Results

Many times, people often need specific products and services but struggle to find out where they are available. Similarly, businesses often lack the knowledge of how to reach potential customers to sell their products and services. Just like a river, if we disseminate information in the market, those in need will seize the opportunity and connect with your business. We have screens in numerous indoor locations where people spend their time or wait, including hotels, juice bars, hospitals, and barber shops. This enables people to absorb the content attentively and make an effort to reach out to you.


“We aim to promote local businesses, new vendors, and services in a highly cost-effective, easily conveyable, and efficient manner. We understand that modern entrepreneurs often face capital constraints, making it challenging to advertise their products/services. The right products often struggle due to a lack of advertising, while less suitable products dominate with extensive marketing. We want to solve this problem by providing an affordable digital ad service for such businesses and increasing their visibility.”


Local vendors are being impacted by heavily marketed online products. New and small businesses need to grow for a prosperous future for everyone. Emphasizing localization can significantly reduce transportation costs, foster trust, diversify the economy, reduce carbon emissions, and lead to a thriving community. Ultimately, this approach can lower product costs for customers. We want to be vocal for local.

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Your success is our success. That’s why we named ourselves ‘Apna Ads.’ We see ourselves in you.

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